We are professional web marketing experts with a penchant for selling your products with our highly imaginative tricks of online promotion. We are committed towards offering a slew of online marketing tools including search engine optimization, social media marketing, and video promotion and much more at really friendly rates and keeping our clients’ personal requirements in mind. We deploy strategic tools which are latest in techniques and are relevant to the existing technical norms and Google policies. Positive feedback and testimonials from our clientele have motivated us further to take greater steps in terms of creativity and promotional strategizing.

  • Social networking and sharing have become an integral part of today’s business marketing system. You certainly cannot dispense with the marketing mechanisms of video sharing and blog post sharing through channels like YouTube and Google Plus. But it is vital to customize and optimize them so that you can enjoy maximum and the most effective reach. At Dafn Tech, our software engineers, designers and developers help to customize our clients’ Google Plus and YouTube profiles. Our prices are reasonable and we try to stand out of the crowd by being relentlessly creative. We also aim to improve search engine visibility at popular sites like YouTube wherein it would be extremely difficult otherwise to get noticed.

  • Dafn Tech proffers reliable and price-friendly service to customize Facebook pages. These days, online businesses run a Facebook profile and some enterprises even sell products directly through the social channel. But customization of the page has become a growing necessity in the competitive industrial milieu today. Since we are engaged in this line of work for a considerable time period and are familiar with every nuance of social marketing, we can confidently engage in the service of Facebook page customization. Our research and the relentless affinity for social marketing have enabled us to dutifully and feasibly involve ourself with the task.

  • At Dafn Tech, we go through each requirement of our clients and endeavor to offer customized services so as to satisfy the client completely. Our marketing strategies services serve as a gospel talk for the devotees. We pay special heed to popular social sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. At the same time, we look after keyword-building and article-writing areas with healthy dose of keyword interpolation. Our intelligent employees know what form of marketing strategy works best for the existing and financially fit enterprise.